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FlyORO Attends Aviation Carbon 2023 in Heathrow, Supports United Kingdom’s Growing SAF Initiatives

The two-day event convened at Heathrow on November 6th and 7th, 2023, with a central theme of sustainability, prominently featured Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as a key focal point. Among the participants, FlyORO actively engaged with fellow delegates, sharing insights into the SAF supply chain and highlighting their proprietary modular blending technology.

During the event, Baroness Vere of Norbiton, the UK Minister for Aviation, provided an overview of the ministry's investigation into SAF. Her discourse emphasized the intent to formulate a robust policy that will further propel sustainable aviation initiatives within the country.

In alignment with these efforts, the UK market aims to integrate a minimum of 10% SAF into the national jet fuel mix by 2030. Concurrently, the goal includes the construction of five SAF plants by 2025, a strategic move poised to augment supply capacity and advance sustainable aviation practices in the United Kingdom.

About FlyORO

FlyORO provides the world's first revolutionary, modular, on-demand blending service of SAF and jet fuel to enable aviation on its emissions reduction journey. As an enabler to the SAF supply chain, FlyORO enable flyers the flexibility to align their ESG targets per flight rather than be succumbed to fixed blend ratios and bulk commitments upfront. With a small form factor of 40ft, it is space efficient and portable and can be installed anywhere at or off airport base. This solution allows airport fuel operators to serve flyers more effectively with a simplified supply chain.

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