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Bold Team. Novel Solutions. Vibrant Energies.

Crafting a flight plan towards cleaner skies of tomorrow!



SAF is a synergistic blend of conventional jet fuel and biofuel, also referred as conventional Oil and Renewable Oil. Together, O-R-O. In many languages, ORO also means gold, likewise to SAF as a valuable resource towards cleaner skies. We aspire to speedup the acceleration of flying greener, thus FlyORO is born to fly us to our dream.


To be aviation's finest supply chain integrator for SAF to take flight.

SAF is the most viable alternative to conventional jet fuel, but our supply chain model has to be better integrated, to support an efficient distribution of SAF. We are on a mission to enable the accessibility and availability of SAF, to airports anywhere.


To advance aviation's transition to greener flying.

With collective action today, the future of flying will be envisioned to be cleaner and sustainable, providing a safer home for our next generation to come.


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Research & Development Phase

Engineering design & development of modular blending system, driven by data and automated technologies.



First POC Completed & Global Developments

Delivered first proof-of-concept with rigorous engineering & testing protocols for multinational O&G project.



Develop Industry Service Capabilities

Strategic partner of IATA fuel technical group and Shell startup engine programme



IP Development & First Patent Filed

Specialised chemical manufacture applications in O&G, Geothermal, Biofuels & Water Treatment Sector.



Launch of FLYORO Technologies

FlyORO is established with a full commitment on sustainable aviation fuels.



Grand launch of AlphaLite Technology

Launch world first modular SAF blending system for full-scale operations with Jet Aviation.



Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo

  • LinkedIn

Investor Relations | Strategic Projects

Jonathan started as a chemical engineer, and has a successful track record in developing energy and chemical businesses from startup to profitability, managing global operations, corporate development and financing strategies.

Jonathan now leads FlyORO strategy and growth towards a future of cleaner skies.

Damian Mc Louglin photo.jfif

Damian Mc Loughlin

  • LinkedIn

Board of Advisor

Damian's background is in the global aviation energy sector. Over the past 20 years he has led teams across sales, go-to-market, strategy, and business development projects.

Goh Puay Guan.jpg

 Goh Puay Guan

  • LinkedIn

Board of Advisor and Board of Director

Professor Goh Puay Guan is Associate Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, where he teaches supply chain management and technology innovation.

Genevieve Toh

Genevieve Toh

  • LinkedIn

Marketing & Public Relations

Genevieve specialises with her creativity in business management, and has prior experiences in banking and finance in JP Morgan and HSBC.

Genevieve now drives FlyORO mission, outreach and developments into the sustainable aviation fuel space, enabling aviation partners in their emissions reduction journey.

Joe Ng

Joe Ng

  • LinkedIn

Technical & Operations

Joe leads FlyORO technical and operations, with a demonstrated track-record in leading high profile global supply chain, engineering, plant construction, expansion and production, and industrial automation projects across oil majors and specialty chemical companies.

Philippe Marchand.png

Philippe Marchand

  • LinkedIn

Board of Advisor

Philippe Marchand graduated in 1978 as a civil engineer, spent most of his career with TotalEnergies, in Refining and New Energies. As one of the early professionals in the SAF industry, he led some of TotalEnergies’ innovative projects, including a last-mile SAF blending solution together with Airbus and Cathay Pacific. 

Magdelene Ong_edited.jpg

Magdelene Ong

  • LinkedIn

Intellectual Property

Magdelene is a Partner at a leading intellectual property firm. With 20 years of experience in the intellectual property field, Magdelene provides strategic advice on protecting FlyORO’s innovations and growing FlyORO’s intellectual property portfolio

Jeffrey Lim

Jeffrey Lim

  • LinkedIn


Jeffrey supports FlyORO technical and operations with 30+ years of systems engineering, fabrication and industrial automation experiences in Oil & Gas, Offshore & Marine, Power Generation and Renewables.

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