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FlyORO Powering a Net-Zero Future with Shell

The Singapore Demo Day 2023 will be live on 23 February where FlyORO will be participating alongside other organizations with clean-energy solutions.

In August last year, FlyORO is one out of the 7 companies that Shell has selected to explore potential collaborations. Together with Shell under the StartUp Engine 6-month program, FlyORO has been working with the aviation business unit to explore better and efficient ways in supplying sustainable aviation fuels.

With 132 years of operations in Singapore, Shell is setting the path towards concrete climate goals and reduce absolute emissions for their operations. This includes a shift to produce low-carbon fuels which could support the aviation industry.

Through the program, FlyORO has better clarity over Shell Aviation’s operations and the organization’s plan on becoming an integral player to a sustainable aviation hub in Singapore. This upcoming Singapore Demo Day, FlyORO will be sharing more about what went down and exciting developments to expect for the year.

register your interest to attend the Singapore Demo Day:

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