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FlyORO launches AlphaLite, world’s first modular SAF blending system in Singapore

Singapore based company, FlyORO, today launched AlphaLite, the world's first modular SAF blending system that offers more flexibility and control by commercial and business aviation. Being an extension to the current jet fuel supply chain, the AlphaLite is designed for fast turnaround in flexible SAF blending at the highest level of precision, quality, and safety standards, leveraging on digital and automation technologies.

Currently, SAF is supplied in bulk where producers can simply tap into their existing infrastructure without changing their storage tank operations. With bulk supply, each storage tank is efficiently utilized for SAF and kerosene-based fuel, as long as it is a standardized product. A flexible blending concept would mean that producers will have to convert their storage tanks to be a SAF blend of various ratios, which is not a commercially viable approach. To eradicate this problem, FlyORO steps in as an extension to the existing supply chain by offering a new proposition of flexible SAF blends on-demand, where conversion of storage tanks is not required. With this extension, producers can now offer both standard and customized SAF products to airlines.

The AlphaLite has a blending capacity of 20 kilolitres for any ICAO-approved SAF technological pathway, with each blending cycle only requiring 20 to 30 minutes. This leads up to a total throughput of 960,000 litres of SAF output daily for a single module, which is engineered to serve at least 12 long-haul flights flying from Singapore to London per day. If higher capacities are demanded for, the 40ft AlphaLite, with its compact and modular infrastructure, can be scalable by deploying more units to site. The AlphaLite follows an on-demand model where orders can be received as late as the day before departure, subjected to local fuel certification capabilities.

FlyORO adopts a pay-per-use service, with a tiered blending fee per litre consumed. This lowers the barrier for airport fuel operators to get on board while offering additional values of control and flexibility to their airline customers.

The first ever unit of AlphaLite currently sits at Jet Aviation’s Fixed Based Operations (FBO) at Seletar Airport (XSP) in Singapore. Since 2022, Jet Aviation has been offering SAF options to their customers and can now offer new capabilities of customized SAF blends enabled by FlyORO. With AlphaLite, Jet Aviation aims to support the uptake in the Business Aviation General Aviation (BAGA) sector with flexible options designed to serve flights with various emission reduction goals. The collaboration between Jet Aviation and FlyORO is set to focus on becoming an aggregator for SAF in XSP, implementing a robust uptake model, and building a strong cohesive SAF community.

“We are proud to launch the world’s first flexible SAF blending system, in partnership with Jet Aviation in Singapore,” said Jonathan Yeo, CEO, FlyORO. “Jet Aviation, as leaders in business aviation, have always been the first to lead and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability – in the region and globally. Together, we look forward to creating a more robust supply chain to further aviation’s journey in the energy transition, and create innovative solutions in SAF blends, designed to tailor to the respective sustainability requirements in business aviation.”

“SAF is an important part of our efforts towards a more sustainable future, for the industry, and for Jet Aviation,” said David Paddock, president, Jet Aviation. “Jet Aviation is committed to working in partnership with various stakeholders to drive availability, understanding, and adoption of SAF across our network, and beyond. Offering customers a customized blend of SAF that meets their specific requirements is another way to further provide a seamless, personalized service at every touch point. We are delighted to partner with FlyORO on this project and bring their innovative solution to our Seletar FBO.”

FlyORO provides the world's first revolutionary, modular, on-demand blending service of SAF and jet fuel to enable aviation on its emissions reduction journey. As an enabler to the SAF supply chain, we enable flyers the flexibility to align their ESG targets per flight rather than be succumbed to fixed blend ratios and bulk commitments upfront. With a small form factor of 40ft, it is space efficient and portable and can be installed anywhere at or off airport base. This solution allows airport fuel operators to serve flyers more effectively with a simplified supply chain.

Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) with some 4,000 employees and 50 locations worldwide. Jet Aviation’s offerings include aircraft management, aircraft sales, charter, completions, defence, FBO, maintenance and staffing.

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