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Empowering Sustainable Aviation: Insights from FlyORO at Singapore Airshow 2024

At the Singapore Airshow 2024, Jonathan Yeo, Chief Executive Officer of FlyORO, participated in the Sustainable Aviation panel alongside other distinguished speakers, shedding light on intricacies and strategies related to sustainability solutions. The panel featured insights from a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) last-mile blending perspective, together with industry giants Airbus, CAAS, Cathay Pacific, and EcoCeres, forming a well-rounded group covering various aspects of the SAF supply chain.

Centred around the theme "Navigating Complexities and Crafting Winning Strategies," Jonathan from FlyORO delved into the challenges facing SAF within the traditional jet fuel supply chain and how a last-mile blending solution can effectively overcome these obstacles. Two key points emerged from the discussion.

Innovative Players and Their Role in Sustainable Aviation

The panel acknowledged the increasing presence of smaller players like FlyORO offering innovative solutions. Jonathan highlighted the pivotal role of such players in decoupling the SAF supply chain, diversifying options for SAF supply to cater to the unique operations at each airport. He stated, "Innovative players like ourselves play a crucial role in expanding the SAF horizon, exploring new feedstock and technology pathways, providing airlines with more options when it comes to reducing carbon intensity and lifecycle emissions, and more particularly, the flexibility in balancing this with the cost economics in fuel procurement.”

Collaborating with major energy companies, these players contribute to enhancing existing operations and implementing new technologies.

The Industry Landscape with 100% SAF Flights

Discussing the potential scenario of 100% SAF flights, Jonathan emphasized how OEMs developing new fleets to support full SAF flights offer increased flexibility for airlines in managing fleets and fuel usage. He stated, “Scaling to 100% SAF flights brings versatility to sustainable options for us. We will then be able to choose not only between traditional jet fuel and blended SAF but also consider 100% SAF in the equation. This would also mean our fuel supply chain infrastructure has to be ready to accept 100% SAF, which could possibly alleviate the concerns around blending limits and what is defined as off-specification fuels based on ASTM certifications today."

Despite advancements in SAF technology, energy-efficient fleets, and a robust supply chain model, airlines still grapple with the challenge of accepting SAF premiums. Jonathan stressed the importance of ensuring that the final cost absorbed by airlines and passengers remains acceptable.

FlyORO's unique last-mile flexible blending proposition was highlighted as a solution to ease airlines into the transition journey, providing them with full control and options for flying a blend ratio at a cost-acceptable price.

About FlyORO

FlyORO provides the world's first revolutionary, modular, on-demand blending service of SAF and jet fuel to enable aviation on its emissions reduction journey. As an enabler to the SAF supply chain, FlyORO enable flyers the flexibility to align their ESG targets per flight rather than be succumbed to fixed blend ratios and bulk commitments upfront. With a small form factor of 40ft, it is space efficient and portable and can be installed anywhere at or off airport base. This solution allows airport fuel operators to serve flyers more effectively with a simplified supply chain.

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