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FlyORO Participates as Panelist at ICAO Green Airports Seminar in Athens

FlyORO had the privilege of participating as a panelist at this year’s Green Airports Seminar, hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Athens, Greece. The seminar highlighted the pivotal role airports play in the decarbonization of the aviation sector, with FlyORO providing expert insights on the strategic implementation of last-mile blending propositions for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

During the seminar’s 6th session, which addressed topics on SAF, Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels (LCAF), and other cleaner aviation energy sources, FlyORO was selected to discuss the advantages of implementing last-mile blending strategies within airport fuel supply chains. This session brought together experts from various sectors, including ICAO, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Aegean Airlines, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Repsol, and Neste, fostering a comprehensive dialogue on everything from supply chain dynamics to the financing of SAF initiatives.

As a global frontrunner in last-mile SAF blending operations, FlyORO shared insights on how this innovative supply chain model functions and highlighted key outcomes from its implementation.

Genevieve Toh, FlyORO’s Head of Marketing & Public Relations, provided an in-depth presentation on several critical benefits. 

Last-mile blending can potentially reduce the final cost of SAF

Toh presented an internal analysis outlining how last-mile blending could decrease SAF costs by an average of 32% compared the market price, while maintaining the same carbon reduction attributes. This cost-effectiveness makes it feasible for more airports to integrate SAF into their operations and expands the fuel's availability across numerous locations.

Last-mile blending unlocks various blend options within a single supply chain

The availability of on-site blending facilities at airports allows airlines to tailor their SAF procurement more precisely, adjusting blend ratios to meet specific cost and emissions reduction objectives. This capability not only lowers entry barriers for SAF adoption but also provides airlines with greater operational flexibility.


Last-mile blending optimizes credit generation and product costs

By integrating last-mile blending into their fuel supply chain, airports can achieve more cost-effective SAF production and exert greater control over credit generation. This supports the industry’s Book-and-Claim model, with FlyORO aiming to establish additional blending hubs worldwide to enhance accessibility to more competitively priced SAF credits.

FlyORO’s participation in the ICAO Seminar on Green Airports emphasizes its commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the aviation industry. By sharing their expertise and exploring collaborative opportunities, FlyORO continues to lead the way in reducing aviation’s carbon footprint through innovative fuel solutions.


About FlyORO

FlyORO provides the world's first revolutionary, modular, on-demand blending service of SAF and jet fuel to enable aviation on its emissions reduction journey. As an enabler to the SAF supply chain, FlyORO enable flyers the flexibility to align their ESG targets per flight rather than be succumbed to fixed blend ratios and bulk commitments upfront. With a small form factor of 40ft, it is space efficient and portable and can be installed anywhere at or off airport base. This solution allows airport fuel operators to serve flyers more effectively with a simplified supply chain.

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