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FlyORO meets with Duncan Aviation to explore Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) at Lincoln Airport

Duncan Aviation, the world’s largest privately owned business jet service provider, takes sustainability seriously. The company recently earned NATA’s sustainability standard for aviation businesses. Now, Duncan Aviation is exploring ways to efficiently bring SAF to their customers.

The increasing trend towards SAF adoption has been seen in the West Coast of US, setting the role model for other States to follow similar sustainable practice and targets. The State of Nebraska is now exploring ways to bring in more SAF capabilities to airports.

Nebraska state officials and members from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) and FlyORO visited Duncan Aviation at Lincoln Airport to explore the possibility of creating a SAF hub for the region. Offering a wide array of services from tip-to-tail maintenance to full FBO fuel services, Duncan Aviation would embrace the ability to offer SAF to their customers who use their FBO services at the Lincoln Airport.

More support can be seen towards regional airports, with the recent Biden Administration rolling out the Airport Terminal Program (ATP). The ATP is designed to fund safe, sustainable, and accessible airport terminals, inclusive of energy efficiency improvements1. Although this is still under review, airports could potentially be awarded additional funds for SAF operations via the ATP.

Also, in a bid to ramp up renewable fuel usage, the US Blender Tax Credit program was established to leverage financial burdens for qualified biofuel blenders, with an incentive of $1 per gallon of biodiesel or renewable diesel used in the blending process with petroleum diesel.



About Nebraska Department of Economic Development

The DED strives to enable Nebraska’s communities, businesses, and people to succeed in a global economy.

For more information about Nebraska Department of Economic Development, visit

About Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation is the largest privately owned business jet service provider in the world. They also provide aircraft service supporting aviation needs of business aircraft operators. Complete service facilities are located in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah.

For more information about any of Duncan Aviation’s services, call +1 402.475.2611 or visit

About Lincoln Airport

Lincoln Airport is owned by the Lincoln Airport Authority and is the second largest airport in Nebraska. In June 2022, Lincoln Airport received a total of 14,900 passenger traffic2.

For more information Lincoln Airport, visit

About FlyORO

FlyORO provides world-class blending services since 2017 and drives the mission to decarbonize flying today. As an enabler to the SAF supply chain, their novel solution is on-demand biofuel blending and distribution. With their patented modular technologies, FlyORO offers blending just-in-time, allowing customization of jet to biofuel ratios per flight.

For more information about FlyORO, email Head of Marketing or visit

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